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Blackwood Farm

We are a small farm just 35 miles northwest of Fort Worth, TX.

We are a small family operated farm just in Boyd, TX. We moved from the Lewisville area in 1987, raised our two boys here and now have focused on raising our livestock. We raise registered Painted Desert Hair Sheep and a variety of heritage chickens. We also raise Anatolian Shepherds who protect our livestock, poultry and our family 24 hours a day.

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About Blackwood Farm

Family owned and operated since 1986

We breed and sell registered Painted Desert Sheep, Heritage Chickens and Anatolian Shepherds. We are members of the Paint Desert Sheep Society and a founding member of the United Horned Hair Sheep Association. We strive to offer the best in color, confirmation, size and horn growth as well as docile dispositions. Our sheep are a testimony to the years of selecting quality sheep with generations of loud black and white coloring, trophy horn growth, disease and parasite resistance as well as gentle dispositions. We have incorporated sheep with the ticking gene to add to the uniqueness of our herd. We have also bred for finer hair which helps during the shedding time of the year. We never use hormones or steroids so our slaughter lambs offer the highest quality of meat available. 

We raise Wheaten and Blue Ameraucanas, Black Copper Marans, Blue Laced Waynedotts, Light Brahmas, Blue Partridge Brahmas and Jubilee Orpintons as well as a variety of Easter and Olive Eggers. We are members of the Ameraucana Breeders Club and the American Brahma Club.  We offer fertile hatching eggs, chicks, juveniles as well as grown birds for sale. On occasion we offer pairs and trios. IF you are just getting started with a few hens or looking for your show winner we can help you with your needs.

Our Anatolian Shepherds are from long lines of working class dogs. They are the most gentle, reliable family dog and the most ferocious farm protectors when need arises. We have not lost a single animal from predators since the Anatolians have called Blackwood Farm home. 

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Blackwood Farm Sheep

Registered Painted Desert Hair Sheep

We have been breeding registered Painted Desert Hair Sheep since the late 1990s. We register all of our sheep with both the Painted Desert Sheep Society and the United Horned Hair Sheep Association. We focus on loudly patterned and colored sheep  from trophy horned pedigreed stock. We have a small herd of ewes and only breed once a year.  Our goal is to raise healthy, docile, loudly colored sheep that are disease and parasite resistant without the use of antibiotics, steroids or hormones.  





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Anatolian Shepherds

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Mon - Fri: 8am - 10pm
Saturday: 10am - 10pm
Sunday: 1pm-5pm

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